Thailand steps closer to legalise Medical Cannabis

Thailand steps closer to legalise Medical Cannabis

Recently the legislators and lawmakers in Thailand, it is quite likely that the country will soon legalise cannabis for medical use. This is further evident from the vocal protests of both the lawmakers and the state officials, who’ve  recently been in the news for their overwhelming support in cultivating cannabis within the medical domain.

The Deputy Agricultural Minister of Thailand, Wiwat Salayakamthorn has openly stated that he agrees with the idea of getting marijuana legalised solely for medicinal research and use. He further added that Cannabis should be considered as a herbal plant with immense health benefits. On assessing similar reports, it is clear that his comments are coming after the National Farmers Council encouraged the government in legalising marijuana, earlier this year.

The Narcotics Control Board of the country is currently working on a rewritten draft of the drug laws of the state. It has been assumed that the draft is to be revised for legalising medical cannabis in the country. This proposed update, which is currently being reviewed in the parliamentary process, will soon allow cannabis medicines to be sold over-the-counter. Patients will be easily able to access this with a valid prescription from their doctors.

This draft is already on its way to the Cabinet for further consideration and is likely to be voted by the junta-appointed interim parliament. Speculation confirms that the new law will pass without any opposition.

Sirinya Sitdhichai further confirmed these speculations by stating that patients will be able to access medical marijuana, but only on the suggestion of their doctors. Although the narcotic will be made legal, individuals will not be allowed to grow it in their homes.

The news of this amendment was announced last year when an officer from the Narcotics department stated that the country needs new laws so that the extracts from cannabis can be used for medically treating individuals and research. According to the current law, marijuana is a class-5 drug which is illegal to consume or process due to any reason whatsoever.

But while Srinjya did mention that the new amendments wouldn’t permit the recreational use of this drug, he didn’t rule out the future possibilities. This is further evident because he stated that the debate hasn’t yet ended’. He went on to say that the Doctors in Thailand - divided in their opinions about the legalisation. Some of them fear that the drug if legalised for recreational use, will be misappropriated by children which in turn will affect the development of their brains. Therefore, both the government and the narcotics department are assessing the situation more thoroughly.

Thailand has a history of its War on Drugs back in 2003 when Prime Minister Shinawatra declared war against the use and misuse of CBD. The results of the war were devastating with more than 2,500 deaths and prisoners related to drug abuse soaring up to 100,000 that every year. Right now, while most people support the amendment, they are still sceptical about the approach followed by the Government.

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