Swiss Stump Out Tobacco With High-CBD Cannabis Substitute

Swiss Stump Out Tobacco With High-CBD Cannabis Substitute

A Swiss company involved in organic gardening has controlled the content of THC in the cannabis flowers with the high level of CBD to provide it to the users as well as the regulators to register its product as a substitute of tobacco. Bio Can is a grower in northern Switzerland who has cultivated the Fedora strain which is known to contain only 0.04% THC and 7.2% of CBD. In accordance with the existing laws for food and the Narcotic Act of Switzerland, as per reports.

The Federal Health Office of Switzerland has already registered the flowers of CBD as a substitute of tobacco like various other flowers including sage, and the passion flower - categorised under this label. As claimed by Bio Can, for the distribution of high CBD flowers no additional permission will be required as the content of THC in this product is very low. At present these flowers are sold at the rate of $23 or Franc 25 for 10 grams in Switzerland.

The managing director of Bio Can - Dario Tobler, has told the media, that all the active elements of cannabis like the soothing effect of CBD cannabinoid found in are this product, but it does not intoxicate the users.

The police of Zurich city was already aware of most of this matter as the smell of the flowers abundant in CBD is stronger than the smell of any other form of concentrated cannabis. As per the law of Switzerland, you will be entitled to pay 100 Francs as fine for possessing or consuming up to 10 grams of High- CBD flowers. But most of the law enforcement authorities are doubtful about differentiating between high THC products from High-CBD products.

However, it is determined that when an additional regulation about the possession and consumption of almost legal cannabis will be formed. According to the spokesperson for Zurich police, at present, the authorities usually fine 100 Francs to the consumers of High-CBD products. Affected consumers can file an objection to the citation by challenging the fine. The cannabis analysed as well as confiscated in some cases. But it will be returned to its owner if the content of THC in it is less than 1%. However, the owner has to pay the cost of analysis along with the fine if the level of THC is over the limit of 1%.

According to the producers, the sale of the high-CBD product will be limited to Switzerland as it is not the member of EU. In rest of EU, the legal limit of THC is 0.3% which makes 1% limit in Switzerland more reasonable.

During Cannatrade, the oldest trade fair in Zurich regarding cannabis, CBD products became more popular. Many companies are growing and blossoming CBD plants and producing CBD products as per the standards set by medical experts. However, many companies can be banned to sell their product in rest of the EU due to the higher level of THC in them. Companies will offer CBD extracts, tinctures and oils with almost 1% THC, to comply with the requirements of Europe and overseas regulations.