Research Shows Cannabis Improves Women's Sex Life

Research Shows Cannabis Improves Women's Sex Life

Have you ever been intrigued by the numerous reports on the internet claiming that cannabis is beneficial to the sex lives of women? Researchers at Stanford University decided to put that anecdotal proof to the test. The results declared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, confirmed that women had better sexual experiences if they consumed cannabis before indulging in sex.

Don’t imagine that bespectacled old experts stood by with their microscopes and other instruments to measure what was happening as the study’s subjects had sex. No, nothing of the sort happened.

Instead, a Obstetrics/Gynecology (ObGyn) clinical study was used to recruit nearly 200 adult women who were sexually active. The participants were given questionnaires eliciting their evaluation of how cannabis affected their sex lives.

Of those who said that they consumed cannabis before having sex, 68% admitted that sex was more enjoyable for them. 72% of those who said cannabis makes sex more pleasurable added that those advantageous effects happened each time they had sex after consuming cannabis.

Interestingly, 62% of the respondents who absorbed cannabis before having sex revealed that cannabis made their orgasms more intense and pleasurable. None reported that her sex drive reduced as a result of consuming cannabis before having sex.

27% of the respondents also admitted that marijuana helped to increase vaginal lubrication during sex. However, 37% said they didn’t observe any change in the level of lubrication whether they consumed cannabis before sex or not.

While 16% of the women in the study admitted that they took cannabis before having sex to reduce the pain they usually felt during intercourse. 83% in this category of women said pain during intercourse was reduced each time they consumed marijuana before having sex.

While releasing their findings, the researchers said that the results above were their preliminary findings since they intended to continue the study over a longer time and include more respondents.

However, the researchers were convinced that it was indeed true that the consumption of cannabis resulted in an overall enhanced sex life for women. Only 10% of the respondents claimed that their sex lives weren’t improved by cannabis consumption before sex. The degree of that improvement (or lack thereof) seems to be impacted by other factors which are yet to be identified. Cannabis companies may not have been surprised by the findings of this research since they are aware of the massive benefits of cannabis in the different aspects of life.