Medical Cannabis No Health Risk; World Health Organisation

Medical Cannabis No Health Risk; World Health Organisation

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of cannabis the world over. There has been a significant rise in the areas where use marijuana is now legal, following extensive research by bodies such as the World Health Organisation. In a statement that has captured the interest of people around the world; the World Health Organisation came out and reported that medicinal cannabis has no health risks.

The investigation comes after a long time spent in research revealed that cannabidiol does not have addiction capabilities. In the WHO report, the authors wrote that "evidence from human and animal studies shows that CBD could have relaxing and therapeutic qualities."

Unsupported Cases on the Importance of Cannabis

For the longest time, there have been theories on how marijuana can help especially with chronic pain and panic attacks. The problem with these allegations is that had not been proved by any medical research institute of repute which made the use of marijuana illegal. These claims increased over the years which prompted institutions like the World Health Organisation to conduct more research in this field. The results released up to now have been promising, and more people are joining the bandwagon to support the legalisation of the drug.

Disease Treatment and Management?

There were a lot of fears in the past that cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in cannabis makes it addictive. The research report by WHO has proven that CBD has no addiction qualities and it, in fact, has a relaxing effect which alleviates patients' pain. The recent research also shows that medicinal marijuana can help in the treatment of epilepsy, Alzheimer's and even cancer. This research also alleges that medicinal marijuana can aid in the treatment of Palliative care patients.

What This Declaration Means

One of the first causes of action expected is the removal of cannabidiol from the list of scheduled substances. There has already been a meeting to this effect and WHO are still deliberating on the matter. If this happens, this means that it will be not illegal to create or distribute it. The lobby groups are expected to put more pressure on more research funds on cannabis and its legalisation.

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis extract known as CBD retains specific medical qualities as opposed to leisure use or drug abuse. It entails the use of part, whole or an extract of unprocessed marijuana. Medical Cannabis is still undergoing a lot of tests, and hence it is not always legal in many areas.

The recent announcement by the World Health Organisation is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Cannabis, and there is an even more detailed report expected in mid-2018. The conversation about medicinal cannabis is set to elicit more debate after this latest revelation. The new disclosure will also strengthen the push to have marijuana legalised in areas where it is illegal. The excellent news aimed at patients who depend on cannabis for one reason or the other since it presents a cheaper and more natural option to compared to other medicines.