Is Trusted Data Liberating the Power of Medical Cannabis?

Is Trusted Data Liberating the Power of Medical Cannabis?

Medicinal cannabis is mostly recommended by the doctors for their patients... However, the benefits of the users are mostly not tested due to the production restrictions and other regulations by the government. For a person who is suffering from the epilepsy doctors in Canada generally, recommend the use of medical Cannabis.

Generally, after a while, the effects of the regular medicine take less impact over the condition of epilepsy. Thereby for doctors to recommend the use of medical cannabis they must have substantial evidence that it will have clear benefits and not harmful effects to their patients.

Since medical cannabis has become more restrictive by the government in the recent past. The benefits of medical marijuana include muscle relaxation, pain management and seizure remediation all these have been well known for many years back. Because of the government restrictions, it is challenging to get proper funding and approvals to carry out testing and researches.

Due to this a global demand has arisen and requesting for a quality research program by many as well as new product delivery and customer information and the effects of medical cannabis.

CitizenGreen Community

Global Cannabis Applications Corporation has created the Citizen green platform. This is an effort to bring the global cannabis communities together and motivate them to share their knowledge and experience which can be very helpful to the researches. Citizen green platform is powered by the latest technology to collect information such as the of Artificial intelligence, Blockchain and mobile apps.

In Canada, the primary agency of the leading research institute in Canada Centre on Substance Use and Addiction.


Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence helps Global Cannabis Applications Corporation to manage and meaningfully use the data they have collected. They were able to use AI in multiple platforms such as chatbot, machine learning tools and predictive analysis. And its analytical skills provide much needed clinical research findings. Even though In Canada the use of medical cannabis is illegal they are still looking for the most valued data and research findings on the medicinal purposes.

The A.I. which they have used effectively builds a relationship between the demography of the patient and the medical conditions.


This app vastly assists the users to obtain vital information on the use of cannabis and its relation to the customer behaviour. For the citizens in Canada where information on medical cannabis is scared, they can have a good insight on the information available in this app. When looking for information, the app helps to provide the best possible answers with the use of the world’s first Marijuana specific google search.

If you are a person who suffers from epilepsy, here is a guide on how CannaLife can help you to have valuable insight into the use of Medical Cannabis.

By going through the CannaLife app, you can familiarise the Green citizen community. Thereby you can find many stories which may undoubtedly assist your condition. If your local doctor is hesitant to provide you with medical cannabis, you can quickly collect many of the testimonials and the recommendation and the advantages which you were able to find via the app. Which inevitably make your doctor more comfortable to issue a licence for medical cannabis. This can be considered as a realistic scenario for how information in the modern world can save the life of millions. So, it’s all our responsibility to take a step and lead the way to keep others.