Is Ireland Finally Set To Legalise Medical Cannabis?

Is Ireland Finally Set To Legalise Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis has become legalised in many parts of the world. We all know that specific strains of cannabis offer some health benefits and cures many health complications. It is considered best for inflammation. In fact, it is useful to treat certain types of cancers. In the current condition, many countries are thinking of legalising medical cannabis, and Ireland is one of them.

We suppose that principal question here is, will Ireland legalise medical grade cannabis anytime soon.

In Ireland, the medical cannabis might be available soon for the medical uses. The Irish Government of Ireland has approved a bill regarding the use of cannabis for medical purposes. The law known as the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill 2016 was the approval by the government, and it is to be expected that legalised medical grade cannabis will benefit the people.

People Before Profit Group of Ireland prepared the proposed the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill, which needs another round of the approval by the Irish government before becoming law. But from the above proceedings, it is clear the cannabis will be legalised and available for the medical purposes only in Ireland.

As written in the bill passed in 2016, it is an act to offer for regulation of the cannabis for medical purposes. For this purpose, they are establishing the Regulation Authority to legalise the medical cannabis with a license. Once it gets the approval, cannabis can be used for the medical uses and related matters.

What is the current status of the bill?

The bill has got the approval of the Irish government and waiting for the second approval, and that will legalise the medical cannabis in Ireland. The Bill was first presented to Ireland’s Lower House of Parliament, Dáil Éireann. The bill is designed to sanction the use of the cannabis for medical purposes. After getting the approval, medical cannabis recommendations from the doctors.

The government of Ireland has made it clear that it will not oppose the bill as the bill is supported by many. People of Ireland are interested in getting the benefits of cannabis. According to a poll organised recently in Ireland, around ninety-two percent of the people of Ireland want to legalise the medical cannabis. They think that cannabis can be sanctioned for the medical use when doctors recommend it. But you cannot use the cannabis if not endorsed by the doctors.

Simon Harris (department of health), mentioned that he would not oppose the progression of the bill to the Committee Stage. But still, he has some doubts about the benefits along with concerns about a few elements of this bill. The Minister for Health will take the advice of the Products Regulatory before the further progression of the law. He wants to ensure that the medical cannabis will not be misused and can only be used to treat medical conditions. Adding that a few elements might need to be changed to avoid the misuse and unintended effects of legalising the use of medical cannabis for the recreational use. He assured the Irish patients that the politicians will support the bill and would like to observe movement on this. But if required, they might make some changes for the benefit of the people.

Brian Houlihan, the Director of Help Not Harm, supports the issue. Help Not Harm is an Irish non-profit organisation that works to reform the drug laws of the Irish government. He took the move positively and said that it is excellent news for the activists and patients who have been fighting for decades. Though it has yet to get the approval, still, the bill has gained the tipping point, and the reform is just a month away. They need to do a lot of works before finalising the proposal and making it a law. People of Ireland need to be aware of the bill, especially about the use of the medical cannabis. The government and social activities need to make a lot of efforts to educate people in both the medical and recreational use of cannabis.

The coming few months are crucial for both the people and government. When the government needs to do the required changes in the bill and to educate people, people need to be aware of the uses. They should know that it will be limited to medical purposes with a doctor’s recommendation.