Inside The Cannabis Industry’s Leading Grow Operations

Inside The Cannabis Industry’s Leading Grow Operations

Since the introduction of the legalisation for use of cannabis (recreational and medicinal purposes) has encouraged several companies to be part of growing operations of the cannabis industry in both the United States and Canada. It is essential to improve cannabis because neither any derivative product can be made nor cannabis can be sold through retail pot shops unless fresh flowers are produced. Brief information about the leading four companies in grow operations in cannabis industry is provided hereunder for your consideration.

TGS or The Green Solution

After obtaining funds to the tune of $7.5 million in February 2017 from iAnthus Capital Holdings, this company has secured the license for the sale of cannabis in Aurora, CO for recreational purpose along with establishing a dispensary in 4,000sq. Ft which equates to the area at Union Station. Withholding 13 dispensaries already operated by this company after getting this funding, it has become potent to acquire LivWell as one of its dispensaries. It has also increased the possibilities of growing 70% more cannabis than last year. This recent funding has also enabled the company to buy new stores to stock the cannabis raised in Colorado.

GW Pharmaceuticals or GWPH

It is one of the five major companies that stock marijuana legitimately in this region. This company has launched its IPO in May 2013 and collected 31.15 million dollars which helped the company to establish the cannabis industry. Today this company is known for producing cannabis-based medicinal pills along with improving the relationship with the top politicians in America. Sativex is the flagship product of this company, being one of the FDA approved cannabis-based medicines. This medicine is mainly prescribed legally for the patients suffering from neurological diseases in this state. Recently this company has planned to announce the development of a greenhouse in 18 hectares or nearly 1,930,000 sq. Ft. Area.


In April 2016 this company has received funding for $3.94 million which encouraged then to operate six dispensaries in Illinois and Colorado both. From these dispensaries, the company has planned to supply cannabis to its central production unit spread on over 43,000 sq ft area to produce edibles and concentrates on cannabis. The best thing about the product produced by this company is that you cannot detect cannabis from its smell as they filter out air from it thoroughly, so that people living around its production unit may not experience any problem.

Native Roots

The owners and partners of this company scored as first, second and third among all the licensed cannabis growing companies within the United States. They have established dispensaries at 17 locations with 59 licenses without getting funding as capital from any public or private organisation for this purpose. They are expanding and dominating cannabis market by their profits from cannabis growing operations. As stated by an executive of this company, apart from these 17 locations Native Roots grow cannabis at several other sites which undoubtedly make it the largest inside grower of marijuana in cannabis industry of America. Being the largest grower of cannabis flowers this company can easily defeat its competitors by supplying cannabis products and meagre price.

Similarly, there are several other leading cannabis growers inside the cannabis industry of the US like Medicine Man, Wellness Connection, Chalice Farms and Euflora etc.