Expocannabis Uruguay 2018

Expocannabis Uruguay 2018

The Expocannabis Uruguay event will be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, bringing you a new theme, and the event has been given a complete makeover to rebrand their ideas and services. This year's theme is titled Uruguay, the seed of significant global change. With this complete overhaul, we will evaluate the last five years of regulation in the cannabis sector domestically, as well as the role that Uruguay finds itself in the modern world as a pioneer in the global cannabis market.

To celebrate such an auspicious fifth anniversary, Expocannabis Uruguay will be a three-day event. Mark your calendars for the 7th, 8th and 9th of December at the LATU location, between the hours of 1 and 9 pm locally. The purpose of this theme and anniversary is to tie together the last four events and summarise the benefits and services we have provided for our attendees. On our successful first run through of the Expo, we incorporated the famous Montevideo Cannabis Museum to help them answer and explain; What is Cannabis?, And also helped focus on Industrial cannabis. With such a raging success, our second year was more focused on medicinal marijuana and its role in the global cannabis sector. Following that were Expos on the medical office, and growing workshops, respectively. These themes will present themselves further in our grand fifth edition of the Expocannabis Uruguay this December.

In the 2017 Expo, we received significant interest in particular with our Medicinal Cannabis orientation. Our specialised doctors were on site, and they generated 150 appointments with fascinated patients throughout our three-day event. It is interesting to note that the audience was not just domestic, as the total selections were near fifty per cent for both Uruguayan citizens and fifth percent foreign attendees. The doctors have reported that most patients are interested in this treatment for Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and various Cancer patients.

Just as it has done before, you will be amazed and fascinated by both traditional and new features. Perhaps you will familiarise yourself with the plethora of professional scientists, or other booths such as national and international references on cannabis. Some of our stalls feature live demonstrations, gastronomy and even stalls designated for shopping and perusing the merchandise.

As word gets out about this fantastic event and the myriad of activities and shows available, they have seen a significant increase in the number of visitor and tickets are flying. Foreign investment has also seen a sharp incline, as you will notice more and more international brands at Expocannabis Uruguay.

Uruguay, more importantly, has not only become a pioneer and a prime example of cannabis regulation to other countries, but it is also at the forefront and holds a seat for South American visitors which have expressed interests in the culture of cannabis.

We are predicting a significant increase in our audience and brands, as forecasted by our previous year's numbers. In the year 2017, Expocannabis Uruguay hosted 12 thousand attendees, which is about two thousand extra as compared to the 2016 numbers. The breakdown of this increase is mainly South American, as we have seen 20% of the rise attributed to Brazilian visitors and a 10% increase in part to Argentinians. We're also proud to mention that there was a 20% increase in the number of brands that participated in the 2017 Expo and have seen many foreign labels and companies want to take part of the Uruguay cannabis market.

About Expocannabis

Expocannabis Uruguay is the most critical informational platform on cannabis in South America. The event is proposed as a tool for the articulation of all those who work in the sector, with the presence of state authorities, national and foreign companies, the academia, medical community, social organisations, registered producers and clubs, among others.

Expocannabis Uruguay is a pioneer and the go-to source for all platforms on cannabis in the region. We are an industry leader, and many brands want to be associated with our brand. The event is a way for the global cannabis community to come together, and those players in the sector articulate themselves with the presence of state authorities, as well as domestic and foreign companies. Specific up-and-coming industries co-mingle within our cannabis sector and have showcased themselves at the Expo. You may see academic researchers, professional medical practitioners, social organisations, and other registered clubs and producers.

The goal is the demystification of cannabis and de-stigmatisation of its users. Each year the event focuses on different aspects of the plant, to elaborate on the many diverse uses of cannabis, both in the retail and industrial sectors.