Exploring The Diversity of Cannabis-Infused Beauty Products

Exploring The Diversity of Cannabis-Infused Beauty Products

Cannabis one of the stable ingredients used in the beauty products, with it being an excellent source of hydrating antioxidants and omegas. The beauty products infused with marijuana is the ultimate treatment for a healthy and a glowing skin. Cannabis-infused beauty products are encumbered with healing benefits.

The plant is mainly used for its two active ingredients, namely; CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The use of marijuana might be a new trend in the market in the West, but the same trend has existed for almost 100 years in the Eastern culture. Sativa seed oil is an essential moisturiser and healer. You can find many beauty products using marijuana.

Hemp Seed Oil

Pamper your skin with the hemp seed oil fatty acids that will revitalize, replenish and rejuvenate your skin to the core. Hemp seed oil is an amazing addition to your skin as it cleanses your skin from deep down.

It also adds a protective layer on top of your skin, preventing rashes, and breakout of acne. These soaps are free of any harsh chemicals and will make your skin feel and look good.

Marijuana Perfume

If you thought marijuana was only used in makeup, then you probably haven’t come across the perfumes using Cannabis. The market is flooded with cannabis-infused perfumes. You can find many different flavours like lemon, tangy orange, sandalwood, and patchouli.

These perfumes are a must have if you like the use of cannabis in your beauty products. And don’t worry, you won’t smell like the weed with these perfumes.

Essential Oil

Marijuana essential oil is one of the most unusual oil ranges because of the plant from which it is derived. Nevertheless, marijuana is a naturally growing herb and its essential oil is quite beneficial for the alleviation of some health diseases.

Its essential oils are known for relaxing properties. If you have a stressful headache, how about bathing in cannabis essential oil! In fact, it cures insomnia, prevents cancer and boosts your appetite.

Cannabis Body and Hand Wash

Just like the other beauty products, hand and body wash are also using cannabis as their main ingredient. If you suffer from dry, itchy and scaly skin, use the body wash that has cannabis as their main ingredient.

Most soap can lead to a dry and a rough skin. By incorporating body washes with an infusion of cannabis, you can prevent any and all types of skin problems, and maintain the softness and smoothness of your skin.

Cannabis Infused Lip Balm 

If you suffer from lip cracks in the winters, then you ought to use the lip balm with marijuana infusion. The substance is known for its hydrating properties and is good for chapped, cracked and dull lips. You can find many famous beauty products now using marijuana in their lip balms as well. Make a visit to your local store, and find the one that suits you best. Say goodbye to dull and chapped lips.


With so many great uses and benefits, cannabis-infused makeup is a must-have. It is no wonder people are going gaga over them. Apart from their health benefits, they are an amazing alternative to sulphate and chemical-based beauty products. Check out the markets near you to explore some other marijuana-infused makeup.