Does Cannabis Treat Pain Better Than Prescription Medication

Does Cannabis Treat Pain Better Than Prescription Medication

There is a lot of proponents for the use of medical cannabis, who have long argued that the wildly popular weed has a wide range of medicinal properties.  It was only recently that the claim had gained acceptance within the medical world with discoveries on the highly debated issue.

Recent medical research has not only confirmed the healing abilities of cannabis but that it might be a better choice to prescription medications for specific ailments such as the different kinds of body pains.

In the May edition of the International Journal of Oncology, a group of researchers from the University of London made a remarkable discovery which shows that Cannabis is indeed the safer and more efficient pain reliever than prescription drugs. While studying leukaemia patients, the researchers combined chemotherapy drugs with cannabis-based medications which gave dramatic results. Noted that adding THC and CBD, the two primary compounds that found in cannabis forced a dramatic reduction of the pain the patients suffered while reducing the dosage of the cytotoxic cancer-killing drug.

In a separate study, just recently concluded, a group of 127 patients suffering from an acute migraine we put through a cannabis-based treatment. The results showed that patients who experienced a chronic migraine or cluster headaches responded better to treatment than those treated with standard prescription painkillers. The THC-CBD based drugs were recorded to have reduced the pain from a migraine by over 43 percent.

The recent publications and discoveries will only intensify the debate as to whether it is time to embrace Marijuana entirely as a practical medical option. The case for prescription drugs is losing more and more ground with the CDC recently declaring abuse of prescription drugs which presently causes over 44 deaths every day in the US, public concern and an epidemic. In a very worrying trend, its estimated that as of 2010 more than 50 million Americans some as young as 13 are using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.

Even opiate-based painkillers like morphine and methadone used in hospitals are coming under continuous negative scrutiny as they are labelled as being the causing an addiction problem to patients, even those who have never done drugs before.

Cannabis is gaining more acceptance in the mainstream, with more considering the move to legalise it. It's a definite step, that is related to the fact that in the twenty-three states that have made cannabis legal, there is a staggering 25 percent decrease in opiate-related mortalities recorded.

With the big Pharmaceutical conglomerates running their campaigns to discredit the use of Cannabis, some analysts are of the view that none of the opposing parties to the debate will eventually win outright. They say that a compromise rather than the elimination of either form of medication will be what is best for patients around the world. They point out to the studies that have used hybrid kinds of treatments, which have significantly reduced the dosage and need to use prescription medication with cannabis being the supporting agent that alleviates most of the pain.

Whatever the results might look like, it is now beyond any shade of doubt that Cannabis is no longer the new kid on the block that big Pharma can ignore. The recent discoveries and studies only cement this position.