Destination Hotspot, Where Cannabis is Tolerated, and Relaxed

Destination Hotspot, Where Cannabis is Tolerated, and Relaxed

There are cannabis friendly travel destinations throughout the United States of America and also European countries as well. These companies have services and tourist information that will help you and your intimate cannabis smoking friend find a vacation spot where you can take. But barring that you can always surf your friendly fast internet to find out the information that you need on where it’s safe to light up a blunt. 

Where is it Safe to Vacation in USA and Smoke Cannabis?

Bud and Breakfast, Colorado - has its base in a state where cannabis has been legal since 2012. The Bud and Breakfast is the brainchild of a man who couldn’t find a place to smoke at his job without hiding. So he got the idea to allow his guests to smoke cannabis. Although they have had some run-ins with the law, it has been a money maker the whole way. If you want to know about his place go to the Royal Queen Seeds website. 

Otherwise, if you go to Aspen where the skiing is they have a festival called the NORML Legal Seminar every May and apparently get high. Also, most of the sporting events have weed laced food and drinks that people eat while tailgating and is sold outside the stadiums and events. 

Anchorage, Alaska - residents and this one is new to me, have had the right to grow and have (possession) of pot at home since 1975. Any licensed adult can have the marijuana in their home and smoke it. I did look but due to time constraints couldn’t find any vacation spots, but you can look up their state website and find tourist information. Find a place to visit and light up. 

Where Is It Safe to Vacation in Europe and Smoke Cannabis?

Barcelona, Spain is called Spannabis because it is the most significant cannabis community known. If you are a member of a collective, then you share cannabis. Also, you can go to a club where you can smoke weed and party. But to get into the club, you need a paid membership. How that affects tourists, I don’t know. You would probably find out when you get there. 

The Virgin Islands is a great vacation spot in general. But what was little known is that many people just like to smoke cannabis there. However, despite there being a lax air to it if you are caught, you get a maximum fine of $200.00. It does not mention jail time. So I would be careful.

Negril, Jamaica is another destination hotspot to visit, and yes you can smoke there. Sometimes you will see people selling fresh ganja weed to people tourists and native. It is how some make their money. It is used in small doses for recreational use but can also be used for medicinal and religious purposes. From November 12 through 15th they have the Rastafari Roots festival.

These are just some of the places that you can travel to and visit, enjoying a relatively congenial environment for smoking your weed. I don’t want to tell you that it’s entirely safe because people who smoke pot don’t always have a safe evening. Check out the website for Kush Tours as well. You will find for the tourist or vacationer who likes to smoke cannabis there is a place for you to do so.