Cannabis: Why the United Kingdom will never legalise it!

Cannabis: Why the United Kingdom will never legalise it!

The current status in the United Kingdom on the stance of where Cannabis sits legally and socially - anyone found in ownership of marijuana in the UK is sentenced to a full five years in jail and unrestrained fine or both punishments. This is beside the fact that there is a derived medicine, Sativex used to treat multiple sclerosis. However, according to experts from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the drug is costly and sufficiently ineffective in the managing muscle spasticity for its high price. It is in limited supply in Wales while it is entirely not available in Scotland and England. 

Multiple sclerosis victims in the UK are allowed the drug only to get rid of pain, once they’ve exhausted all their options. Reasons, why the first cannabis-based pharmaceutical is located in the UK while the drug is scarcely available, begs the question - What does this mean for UK cannabis prohibition?’ Currently, cannabis is a class B drug in the United Kingdom. 

This explains clearly why the UK government would never issue medical marijuana card. A few months ago, the UK government did a crackdown on illegal substances and still remains adamant that this will continue despite the best efforts of experts in the medical fraternity to have it legalized.

Research has shown that marijuana is harmful to human health and has major links to schizophrenia. These worrying concerns have existed for decades. They are the reason for the reclassification of the drug as a class B substance nine years ago. Spain, Uruguay, South Africa and some states in the US have legalised the drug. There has been mounting pressure on the UK to legalize its drug policies many citing its medicinal capabilities. 

Ian Hamilton, one of the experts supporting the legalization of the drug said that the government had wasted an opportunity to offer less harmful ways for people to access and use cannabis. He went ahead to lament how the United Kingdom had fallen behind other countries that are adopting policies towards the usage of such drugs. He further added that prohibition of cannabis led to social inequality. According to him, countries that have adopted progressive laws towards the drug have embraced the evidence and recognize that its usage does not their health.

The sentence for giving the drug to friends for free is equivalent to selling the drug - 14 years in jail. Having this on the criminal record can lead to restricted employment prospects and a travel interdiction to countries like the US. Basically, such drugs are illegal due to scientific and medical analysis which renders them harmful to human health. Despite it being legal, figures show that over two million people in Wales and England smoke Cannabis. The argument to legalize the drug, debated on August 12, 2015, which ended in the matter being closed after the government cited its harmful nature backed by scientific evidence.

Besides the matter being concluded, several celebrities have supported the legalization of the drug. Such celebrities include Paloma Faith, Russell Brand, Professor Green, John Huffman and Sting among others. Before the 2017 General Elections, liberal Democrats publicized policies aimed at legalising cannabis. The efforts by the government to make the drug illegal would inhibit users from getting their hands on dangerous strains of the drug purposely grown by criminals.