Cannabis: Organic Growing explained

Cannabis: Organic Growing explained

Growing organic Cannabis should be the norm in today's modern society, we all know that large companies have manufactured seeds that are genetically different from their counterparts. We all know that a number of antibiotics given to the plants and animals we eat are really dangerous to our health. We all also know that cannabis is really good for us, fighting cancer and managing pain. So why do we allow our cannabis farmers to ruin this perfectly good herb by not growing organically?

If you haven’t tried it, don’t think it is like alcohol. Cannabis is often used to have a good time, but the health benefits have to lead to it being legalised more often these days. If you suffer from migraines or constant pain, this is the plant for you and you can even grow it in your own garden, given the legality of it in your state of course.

Large-scale pharmaceutical companies tend to not grow organically as there are risks involved. However, if the conditions are ideal, you might get a larger harvest organically than not! The soil has even changed, and you can ask your local nursery about super soil. Hey, you can even make it yourself but the ingredients sound a bit smelly. Then again, why not save the earth whilst growing a herb? You may need guano and bone meal but almost any soil can be turned into the super soil if you have the time and patience.

Organically grown cannabis will also give you increased potency. But that is not all, organic nutrients are easier to absorb in the human body and you even get added and extra benefits from growing organically. You will really wake up better in the mornings and have the drive to go out and do things that you would not even get from taking multivitamins. Humans do not need a lot of minerals but using organically grown cannabis can even aid in your daily nutrient intake because they have trace elements of minerals and vitamins essential to the human body

Have you heard of Systemic Acquired Resistance? 

Growing your own cannabis can be time-consuming and tedious and this is one of those reasons people prefer not to go organic. If you have ever planted roses, you will know how sensitive they can be to diseases and infections. There is a great way of treating your plants so that they can become immune to disease without using antibiotics or poison. 

In laymen’s terms: if you expose the plant to a small amount of infection, it will grow anti-bodies on its own that will not be harmful when harvesting or using the plant. Did you know that crushed up aspirin can have the same effect on your plants as many antibiotics? Depending on your strain, a little bit of research can tell you the amount of aspirin and the time frame.

Just for the fact that you will leave this earth with a smaller carbon footprint should entice you to grow your own herbs. If you have used it before, the fact that the aroma is better is also a plus point. Do a bit of research and grow your own cannabis today!

How to grow cannabis organically

To grow your plants with an organic method it is not enough to nourish them with organic products. Rather, you have to understand the cycles of nature and to create a small ecosystem where all the factors are interrelated and contribute to the functioning of a chain of processes. This may seem very complicated to you, but it really is not. Read on!

Logistical preparation. To determine what kind of pot you need, or how much space in your closet, the first thing you'll have to decide is what strain you are going to grow, and its characteristics. On this basis, you can calculate how you're going to set up your indoor crop.

Ready the environment. The earth you use is actually a breeding ground for many beneficial microorganisms vital to your plants' development. Cultivation with chemical fertilisers and pesticides has been based on an effort to destroy this microbial life and only provide those nutrients that the plant supposedly needs. We believe that this is a mistake. In this chapter, we will explain how to prepare Super Soil, an appropriate way to activate the microbial life in your soil and provide the plant with the nutrients that it needs, through the substrate, naturally.

Stimulate the soil. Once you have prepared the environment in which you are going to grow your cannabis plants – that is, the substrate – the next step is to activate the microbial life that will benefit them. This phase consists of two elements:

The creation and application of compost teas The use of preventive methods (for pests and diseases)

Irrigation and moisture control. In soil with microbial life, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of humidity: approximately 60%.

Soil recycling. Once the harvest is over, there are techniques, like Bokashi, that will help you to recycle the substrate, to use it again, thereby completing the cycle.