Cannabis in Cosmetics: Is it Good for your Health?

Cannabis in Cosmetics: Is it Good for your Health?

Before you can explore the differences between hemp and cannabis in the use of modern cosmetics, first you need to understand the basics: both hemp and marijuana (cannabis) come from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa L species, but from different parts of the plant.

This difference has confused many people that use the two terms interchangeably, which is incorrect. Several factors influence which name should be used, but the most important is how the plant is grown and utilised.

Hemp and cannabis differentiate in some key aspects:

  • THC content - Hemp describes the Cannabis Sativa that has only trace amounts of TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol) while cannabis is used to define the same plant, grown for the resinous glands (trichomes) which contain high amounts of THC. In general, hemp has 0.3% THC content while cannabis has a THC content was as high as 24%.
  • Use Another critical difference is that hemp used in industrial applications like oils, food, cosmetics, and fibre for clothing and construction while cannabis mainly used for its psychoactive properties.
  • Cultivation - Hemp and cannabis require different growing conditions. Hemp is usually grown outdoors to maximise its yield and its size while marijuana involves a lot of attention to the environment: temperature, humidity, CO2 and oxygen levels.
  • Legal status - Cannabis is illegal in most places around the globe, while its sibling is not. However, most countries prohibit the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa, and that impedes the local production of hemp, the only valid alternative remaining its import.

Hemp’s use in cosmetics

The Cosmetic industry extracts oils from the seeds of the plant. Two types of extracts are obtainable: cold-pressed seed oil and cannabinoid extracts (CBD) that can be used mainly for their health benefits and use in cosmetic skincare. Thus, most skincare products use the cold-pressed seed oil, which is a great skin moisturiser.

Hemp has several benefits in its use in cosmetics which has led to its Increased use of cosmetic products. It has high and balanced essential fatty acid content that can soothe and restore skin when added to skin care products as well as shampoos, soaps and shaving products.

Another essential ingredient is the extremely rare gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) - which are a natural sunscreen product for its UV protection properties.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector is just one of the products The Body Shop offers for dry skin and that contain hemp. It can be used with confidence in dry winter months as it is a perfect way to protect the hands from cold.

Dr Bronner Hemp Green Tea Pure-Castille soap is a gentile hemp soap that can be used not only to wash the face and body, but it can also be used to clean clothes and dishes.

Hemp Blossom Shampoo from HanfHaus’s Hemp Line is an excellent shampoo for all hair types that give it more volume and is very good for everyday use.

Cannabis Beauty Define line from Kannaway - Offer several beauty products included in this line: Cleanser, Exfoliant, Toner, Serum, Moisturiser and Total care: Detox Soak, all using the benefits hemp oils has to skincare.

Sales of the personal care products that contain hemp are likely to rise in volume as more and more people become more familiar with the benefits of the hemp oil. It appears to be persuading enough to approach Cannabis Beauty Defined with a receptive outlook. In any case, it's sort of amusing that the wrinkled heritage of my times of smoking could be fixed by a topical touch of weed.