Canada, First G7 Nation to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

Canada, First G7 Nation to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

Canada has become the first G7 country to legalise the recreational use of cannabis throughout the country. On Tuesday, the cannabis act was passed by the Senate with 52-29 votes. This act has allowed people to grow, buy and use the cannabis for the purpose of recreation if they are above the age of 18 years. This act has also controlled the cultivation and sale of cannabis by strictly limiting the domestic growth and packaging of more than 4 plants at a time in a household.

The House of Commons has already passed this bill on Tuesday, but now it has been sent to Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada and the honest supporter of the efforts of this legalisation, to take a final decision on making it active.

After this voting, Canada became the second nation that has legalised the recreational use of cannabis throughout the country. Along with it, Canada became the first among the most advanced economies of the world, popularly known as G7, to pass such law.

On the other hand, recreational use of cannabis has been allowed by 9 states of USA whereas several nations of G7 have permitted its use to make medicines. Canada also legalised the medical use of cannabis in 2001.

The bill for legalising recreational use of cannabis was sponsored in the Senate by Senator Tony Dean. According to him, he was feeling great on the move of voting for this bill as it was a brave step taken by the Canadian government.

He further said that this voting was a historic moment for Canada as it has ended the probation which was active for 90 years. In his views, it was the part of transformation policy of the Canadian government.

According to this law, the provinces will prepare their proposals for the sale of cannabis to make this law useful during the buffer period of 8-12 months. The government tried to pass the legislation at the right time as the sales of cannabis will be starting on 1st July, but the voting was held back as the Senate needed more time to review this bill.

According to this law, one cannot possess dried cannabis more than 30gm, and its personal sales have been made illegal. You may have to pay fine of $1,000 for the first offence and jail for the second offence for driving under the influence of cannabis.

Provinces will handle the more delicate points of this law. On several issues including smoking in public and growth of cannabis in the home, these laws can vary from province to province.

According to the health ministry of the country, by restricting the access of drug to the minors and making its black marketing difficult Canadians will be safer. A statement about the inactive approach of the government regarding cannabis, given by the ministry in April, was firmly in favour of this bill

According to the authors of this bill, this law will work as an effective awareness campaign regarding public health and quality control. According to Mr Trudeau, this legalisation will help in making the access of cannabis to children difficult and curbing organised crime in the country.