Boosting Your Harvest With Organic Potassium

Boosting Your Harvest With Organic Potassium

If you want to ensure that your garden is growing strong during flowering and fruiting procedure, providing the prerequisite amount of potassium to the plants is essential. During heavy flowering and fruiting, the amount of potassium, present in the root zone of the plant gets depleted in no time. Potassium is considered to be the catalyst which helps in the carbohydrate metabolism. Thus, if the plants do not receive the amount of potassium required, the production of sugar gets reduced. Therefore, it becomes hard to the plants to store the energy, is necessary for the development of the flower and fruits. Thus, the growth of plants gets interrupted, resulting in reduced quality of flowers and fruits. Organic potassium plays an indispensable role in improving the quality of flowers and fruits.

Role Of Potassium In Boosting The Growth Of Plants

Potassium is an integral constituent which helps in the development of the plants in a proper manner. It is a prerequisite for photosynthesis and is helpful in the regulation of responses of the plant to light via the opening and closing of the stomata. It is essential for the biochemical reaction occurring in the plants. Thus, it is helpful in completing different vital procedures like the transportation of nutrients and water, synthesis of starch and protein. Potassium is primarily an activator of the enzymes contained in the medium, required for specific functions during the growth period.

Deficiency Of Potassium In The Plants

Irrespective of the availability of potassium in the plants, the deficiency of potassium might occur. This deficiency might result in different abnormalities in the plants and have an adverse effect on the growth and reproduction of the plants. Owing to lack of potassium, yellowing of the leaves may occur. In addition to this, defoliation and shedding of the leaves may happen. Potassium contributes to being a vital growth catalyst. Thus, deficiency of it may result in the reduced development of stems and roots or reduced growth.

Boosting Your Harvest With Organic Potassium

Potassium is vital for soil gardening and agriculture. The addition of organic potassium is essential for the enhancing the production of the grains that enrich the protein and starch content of the plants. In addition to this, natural potassium fertilisers are helpful for the improvement of the plant's immunity to different changes in weather. Potassium is used on an extensive scale for the advancement of root growth and enhancing the drought tolerance. It is also useful in the reduction of lodging and raising the development of cellulose.

Difference Between Organic And Synthesised Potassium

Organic fertilisers comprise of naturally occurring organic material and mineral deposits, while synthetic fertilisers are composed of raw materials, processed chemically. The organic fertilisers are considered to be the best options for the stimulation of beneficial soil organisms and the improvement of the structure of the soil. Synthetic fertilisers are known to be water soluble. It is possible to be taken by them immediately. Application of too much of the artificial fertilisers can lead to the damage to plants and burning of foliage.

It is better to feed the plants with organic potassium, to ensure long-term health benefits for the garden.