Antidote to Synthetic Cannabis: A Worldwide Epidemic?

Antidote to Synthetic Cannabis: A Worldwide Epidemic?

Before answering the question that whether cannabis can cure the epidemic of opioids and synthetic cannabinoids? Let us try and explain the difference between natural CBD and synthetic cannabinoids.

Natural CBD or Cannabidiol is derived from different types of whole cannabis plants like hemp plants (in mass production) or hybrid strains (for a higher content). Whereas synthetic cannabinoids are developed in labs by using only one type of cannabinoid.

The dose of natural CBD can be lowered for the same type of pain, but that of synthetic cannabinoids cannot as it reduces its effectiveness.

Natural CBD is safer because no additive is used to cause any side effects. On the other hand, synthetic cannabinoids may have specific side effects due to the chemicals used in them.

To regulate homeostasis in your body natural CBD binds C81 and CBZ receptors in its endocannabinoid system on the other hand Synthetic CBD has less potential to bind C81 and CBZ receptors than the former. Natural CBD reduces the proliferation of the cells in tumoral without affecting healthy cells. However synthetic CBD can reduce the spread of cancer cell in an area sensitive to C81.

Studies point out that besides dopamine and opioids, glutamate also plays an essential role in developing an addiction. These have a profound impact on relapse as they regulate the areas related to memory and learning and may trigger cravings even after years of abstinence.

A research conducted to look at the role of cannabidiol in reducing cigarette consumption showed promising results. Smokers, who were given inhalers containing CBD and asked to smoke them when the craving for a cigarette, reported a 40% reduction in smoking throughout the week as compared to smokers who were given a placebo. The effect was also noticed on subsequent follow-up.

Another study administered on rats shows that CBD has the potential to re-wire the brain to cut relapse or drug-seeking behaviour on a long-term basis.

CBD is known to cut withdrawal symptoms from long-term use of cannabis, according to a case study. Users reported a significant lack of withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, migraines, restlessness and irritability.

CBD has neuro-protective properties, that have a potential as a possible transdermal treatment of alcohol-induced neuro-degeneration according to this.

After going through the difference between natural CBD and synthetic cannabinoids, it can be concluded easily that natural cannabis can help in curing the epidemic of opioids and synthetic cannabinoids. We are discussing hereunder how natural marijuana can antidote opiates and synthetic cannabinoids.