10 Ways Cannabis Affects Women and Men Differently

10 Ways Cannabis Affects Women and Men Differently

It will come as no wonder that men and women react differently to different substances, notably to cannabis. It turns out that both THC – the cannabinoids found in the Cannabis C. strains – and your hormones interact in different manners, depending on your sex.

The Effects Become Visible

A woman's body has many differences from that of men – among which is the body’s tissue where the amount of body fat found in the former’s is much smaller than that of the latter’s. A person who has higher levels of body fat usually tends to store more THC and thus the quantity of cannabis needed to feel its effect is much more significant – in other words, men are affected by smaller amounts than women.

Men are More Able to Withstand Pain

Nonetheless, having said this, upon consumption of cannabis, men become more capable of withstanding pain than women. This fact was proven by an experiment conducted by a group of researchers where men and women had to immerse their hands in freezing water right after consuming THC. It turned out that men were able to tolerate it for longer!

Fighting Chronic Pain

Regardless of all this, it turns out that cannabis is more effective in women than in men during the fight against chronic pain!

Women are More Prone to Addiction

Men and women start making use of cannabis for different reasons. Women tend to utilise it as a treatment for various symptoms such as when they have a hard time falling asleep, menopause, and mood swings. However, this may lead to heftier dependencies than in men’s case!

Women Have a Harder Time when Trying to Stop

As a result of having more stronger dependencies than men, women also have a harder time trying to stop making using this substance. As a matter of fact, women face a higher chance of falling back into their old habits, regardless of how much effort they put into it.

Increased Anxiety

Upon consumption of cannabis, women are more likely to suffer from higher levels of anxiety than men!

Effects on Memory

According to a study conducted in 2010, when men take cannabis, they are more likely to be less forgetful than women. Moreover, this study also showed that visuospatial memory – which is responsible for remembering directions – is also affected, where that of women is weakened by a more significant degree.

Increased Appetite in Males

It turns out that cannabis also disturbs the cravings – apparently, men are more likely to order a pizza or even two, unlike their female counterpart!

Cannabis-Induced Psychosis

Although psychosis – the phenomenon of not being able to determine whether something is real or not – is not a very common symptom of cannabis, the occurrences in the males outnumber that in the females by double!

Sexual Desire

One of the most interesting effects is that on the sexual appetite, which is all attributed to the estrogen levels. If cannabis is consumed in small doses, it tends to increase women’s sexual desire; especially during ovulation. However, what is fascinating is that if more significant doses are consumed, the sexual appetite decreases! Also, when it comes to the male counterpart – it does not only reduce the sexual desire but also the sperm production.